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PTFE materials be discovered by Mr.Roy J.Plunkett in a Freon experiment at 1936.We can say,it is a precious gift he give all mankind.

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PTFE materials be discovered by Mr.Roy J.Plunkett in a Freon experiment at 1936.We can say,it is a precious gift he give all mankind. After many years research,people find more and more usage in Chemical/Machine/Petroleum/Electricity industry etc, environmental protection and daily living equipment.

PTFE also named “TEFLON”. People called “ plastic king”. The Engilsh spelt is “Polytetrafluoroethylene” . This materials with many excellent characteristic. It has the best chemical resistance[in all known plastic],the lowest friction coefficient,the best electrical properties and UV resistance.


EINECS No.204-126-9

CAS No.9002-84-0

Molecular formula, (C2F4)n

Molecular weight, 100.015612

FUP,327 ℃centi degree

Boiling point,400 ℃centi degree

Refractive index, 1.35

Working temperature, -190---+260 ℃centi degree

Our company purchase the world famous raw materials brand,such as “Daikin”, “Do Pont”,”Dongyue”,”CHC”,etc.

Production Technics,

Extruded PTFE tube


Strongly acid and alkali media transport tube. In chemical industry, people need to transport strong acid or alkali liquor to the next process. Corrosion resistance of traditional metal or other plastic materials will gradually decrease. But the PTFE tube can be used for a long time without being corroded.

High temperature working situation transport tube【High temperature environmental transmission tubes】--- in many high temperature working environments, such as thermal power plants. It requires the transmission of high temperature gas or liquid to other locations. These high temperature gases / liquids will be corrosivity. PTFE pipes can withstand -190~+260 degrees Celsius working environment and can be used for a long time.

High voltage cable protect tube--- The PTFE tube can be used as a protective sleeve for high voltage cables with the excellent electrical resistance of PTFE materials. The breakdown strength of the PTFE insulating sleeve is up to 200kv/mm.At same time, Polytetrafluoroethylene is very stable to arc action, usually arc resistance is greater than 300s. This is because when the surface is discharged at high voltage, it will not cause short circuit due to carbonization, but only decompose into gas. Even in the long open air exposure, it is not affected by the dust and rain. The insulation resistance of polytetrafluoroethylene is very high, the volume resistivity of P V is generally greater than 1015 Omega m, the surface resistivity of P S is greater than 1016 Omega, even if it is dipped in water for a long time, it is not significant, and it is not changed with the temperature.

Electrostatic copying drum---

PTFE tube main properties







Tensile strengh(min)



Ultimate elongation(min)



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