• Matte Surface Carbon Fiber Tubes Tubing

    Matte Surface Carbon Fiber Tubes Tubing

    1.Surface:3K plain or 3K twill(can be customized)
    2.Finish:Matte (can be customized glossy or smooth or color painting)
    3.Material: carbon fiber+ epoxy resin
    4.OD:45mm (can be customized 5~400mm)
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  • 3k Twill Glossy Carbon Fiber Tube

    3k Twill Glossy Carbon Fiber Tube

    Goods will be checked carefully before delivery.
    Goods will be packed very well
    Deliver time: 7~15 working days
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  • 3k Plain Glossy Carbon Fiber Tube

    3k Plain Glossy Carbon Fiber Tube

    1.Light weight : It density is 1.55g/cm3,It is about 2/3 of aluminum(aluminum:2.7g/cm3)
    2.High strength: It is 7 times than steel
    3.Anti-corrosion: it can resistant Acid(like hydrochloric acid,sulfuric acid etc), Strong base(like sodium hydroxide etc)
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  • Ekonol Filled PTFE Products

    Ekonol Filled PTFE Products

    PTFE products have excellent performance in chemical, thermal and electrical resistance, but their own creep characteristics also affect the working efficiency and service life.Read More
  • PTFE Skived Film

    PTFE Skived Film

    The PTFE tape is made of the PTFE resin produced by skived process. The minimum thickness can be up to 30 um.Read More
  • PTFE Molded Sheet

    PTFE Molded Sheet

    PTFE is the most excellent chemical, voltage(insulation), UV, ageing and temperature resistance of all known plastic.It has the lowest coefficient of friction of all known solid materials and a wide range of working temperature from -180~+260 centi degree.Read More
  • PTFE Skived Sheet

    PTFE Skived Sheet

    First, PTFE resin molded into work-blank. Then skived to custom thickness to produce sheet/tape/film. It with the excellent chemical resistance, highly dielectric and long working life.Read More
  • PTFE Extruded Tube

    PTFE Extruded Tube

    PTFE materials be discovered by Mr.Roy J.Plunkett in a Freon experiment at 1936.We can say,it is a precious gift he give all mankind.Read More
  • PTFE Flange Gasket

    PTFE Flange Gasket

    In modern industry, especially in the basic industry such as chemical and electric power, a large quantity of heat fluid (liquid and gas), chemical corrosive fluid transmission is an irreplaceable process.Read More
  • PTFE Sheet for Sealing

    PTFE Sheet for Sealing

    Soft Fibration PTFE Sealing Sheet or Gasket is produceed by 100% Virgin PTFE resin through specially process. It’s made up of countless homogeneous, fine, soft,multidirectional fibers.Read More
  • PTFE Filter Bag Membrane Type

    PTFE Filter Bag Membrane Type

    ​Membrane type PTFE filter bag is efficient fiber and membrane double filter system. During work, fiber filters remove dust from larger particles (more than 1um diameter), while membrane structures filter out most of the particles (0.05~1um).Read More
  • PTFE Filter Bag General Type

    PTFE Filter Bag General Type

    Today, thermal power (including coal, natural gas, oil) , nuclear power and hydropower are also known as the three pillars of the world's power supply.However, thermal power will inevitably cause damage to the atmosphere and the environment.Read More

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